Septic & Wastewater Cleaning Products

Revolutionary Bio-Accelerators to Clear Solids, Eliminate Odors, & Prevent H2S Production

Not Just Another Bacteria or Enzyme Additive

DRP Accelerator™ and Accelerator by Dr. Pooper® products are bio-accelerators...

  • Reduce Solids
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Prevent H2S Gas


Our products are different from normal bacterial or enzyme additives because they are bio-accelerators. 

You might think of our products as "multipliers" instead of additives. 

Instead of adding a dose of bacteria to the system, our revolutionary formula increases the reproduction and growth of the aerobic AND anaerobic bacteria in your system by up to 40 times. 

The massive population of bacteria reduces the solids. Plus, the reaction that happens when our products make contact with your wastewater creates a molecule that prevents the sulfide reduction process -- and prevents the production of harmful and corrosive H2S gas. 

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